Woodland Wall Mural

Hand Painted Woodland Wall Mural

It was a great pleasure to paint this mural.
Below is a photo of the wall before painting and design of the mural that I will be painting.
First, I painted a magic tree on the wall, which was very labor-intensive because of the large number of leaves.
I added some pink glimmer in the background and started painting the characters.
Then, I painted the bunny, followed by a red squirrel, a cute roe deer, as well as a hedgehog standing next to the mushroom-house and flowers too, etc.
The last characters I painted on this wall are the fairies: Tinkerbell, Iridessa and Rosetta.
At the end I refined all the details, added more glimmer and shadows to make the whole woodland wall mural gain some depth.
In the whole mural I used very pleasant, fairly bright colours that look very nice and match the interior.

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