Mural Artist for Hire, Mural Painter

Your Personal Mural Artist for Hire

I’m Arthur, your personal Mural Artist for Hire, In everything I do, I challenge myself to do it at the highest possible level. I believe that we can achieve a lot if we believe in it and pursue our goals. How I change the world is to create unique and friendly wall murals that inspire our own and our children’s imagination. I have always wanted to beautify rooms and all kinds of spaces where beautiful murals we can find and at the same time make you smile. It just so happens that I have been dealing with it “for ages”.


Artist finished painting Tinkerbell mural on the wall
Mural artist for hire painting Tinkerbell
Mural artist painting golden temple mural
Mural artist during painting
Mural artist with his work Japanese garden on the wall
Mural artist and Japanese wall mural

As a Murals Painter, I create children’s rooms full of magic and fairy-tale fantasies, modern and atmospheric stylisations of officesrestaurants, hotels and commercial premises. I paint murals for schools andnurseries. I take care of artistic wall painting in clinicshospitals and dental offices. Murals that I make are of the highest quality, unique, created through artistic paints of the best companies that are safe for children and allergy sufferers.

I will make your children’s world turn into a fairy-tale land, and the restaurant or company will gain a unique atmosphere.

Mural artist painting woodland mural
Mural artist for hire painting detailed wall mural
Mural artist painting camel on the desert
Mural artist for hire painting desert mural
Artist with his work sea life mural on the wall
Mural artist painting a dolphin mural in nursery