Dual UV Murals

Glow in the dark Mural, UV Murals

Are you looking for a modern and unique way to enhance the interior with a strong accent?

We have an original solution for you! Dual UV Murals

“Dual” is a mural that looks different in the daylight than night in UV light (blacklight).

This innovative method will bring a unique atmosphere to your room and give it character.

You can also apply 3D effects that glow in the dark.

These types of solutions we can use in homes, bowling clubs, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and many other places.


“Dual” murals will delight everyone and give the interior the WOW effect.

Below are some my Glow in the dark Murals

Glow in the dark mural
Glow in the dark mural
UV wall mural
UV wall mural
Mural Glow in the dark
Mural Glow in the Dark