Transform Your Space with an Epic Hand Painted Star Wars Mural!

Hand Painted Star Wars Wall Mural

At the request of Emma from Ellenor Hospice, I decided to fulfil the dream of a teenage boy with a rare genetic disease.
Troy has spinal muscular atrophy type two, a condition that affects the control of muscle movement. 14-year-old is unable to walk, is wheelchair based and is under the care of Ellenor hospice.

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Before Painting

Star Wars mural before painting
Star Wars mural wall before painting

After Painting

Star Wars wall mural
Hand Painted Star Wars Wall Mural

Troy himself found on the internet the elements he wanted me to paint in his room. I created a mural project for him according to the photos he sent me. Painting the mural took two whole days.
When it came to the big reveal Emma blindfolded Troy before bringing him inside and revealing the mural.
“Troy was just frozen. He could not believe his eyes, he was speechless”

Finally, I received a thank you card from him, which he wrote for me. I will keep it as a souvenir …

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