Hand Painted Murals London

Hand Painted Mural in Faith Corridor London

This time I’m painting murals in the Imigration Removal Center in London.

The paintings will cover the walls of the faith corridor, where different religion worship rooms are placed.

First day of painting is over. I started with the mosque, as it is at the very end of the corridor.
I’ve been painting only a few hours, but you can already see how it will look like in the picture below. Tomorrow I’ll post something more and at the end I’ll share with you a video depicting the whole process of creation.
See you soon.

Second day of painting went quite well. Everything goes with the plan and the mural gets some colour. The Mosque is the first in the faith corridor. There is also a Church and a Chapel, a Hindu Temple and the Buddist Temple.

Hand-painted Mosque, according to the plan, should be finished tomorrow.

It’s been the third day of painting.
Hand-painted Mosque is almost ready.
I only need a few hours to finish the details.
Tomorrow I’ll be painting the Hindu Temple, which is on the opposite wall. I’m planning to finish both wall within three days.

I devoted the fourth day to finish the Mosque, sketch the Hidu Temple and paint the background of the rest of the corridor. Tomorrow I will finish everything and then I will continue with the Hindu Temple. Next to it, there will be the Sikh Temple.

Day five of painting is over. Today I finished the background.
I used the paint spray gun to moderate the contrast between light and dark blue. That day I also painted with the brushed the clouds on both sides of the corridor.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 6

Today I have finished everything in this part of the corridor and started painting Sikh Temple. I was able to paint only a part of it because Sikh Temple and Hindu Temple have many details, which are labour-consuming.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 7

Just another day of painting passed. I’ve almost finished the Sikh Temple. One or two days more, and I will be able to start painting the second part of the corridor, in which I will be painting the Buddha, Jesus and the church.

Hand Painted Murals in Faith corridor London – Day 8

Today I finished the first part of the Faith corridor where the Mosque, Sikh Temple, and Hindu temple are located.
Sikh and Hindu temples were quite labour and time consuming, so it took me some time.

Tomorrow I will start painting the murals in the second part of the corridor with Buddha, Church and Jesus.

Another day of work completed.

Today I painted the background at the Buddhist Temple. I need one more day to finish this wall before I start painting the church and Jesus.

Tomorrow I will start painting the murals in the second part of the corridor with Buddha, Church and Jesus.

After two weeks, all the murals in the Faith Corridor are finished. The painting is now complete, and everyone is happy with the results.

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