Nursery Murals London

The first of three rooms - Baby Dolphin mural

This time I am painting  Nursery Murals London. There will be three thematic rooms: a Baby Dolphin, a Little Lamb and a Big Panda.
The murals will be in all those three rooms. I will be painting some education-related patters outside as well and some clouds and sky on the ceiling.

Today I have been painting the walls in Baby Dolphin room.

I painted baby dolphin mural on two walls. On one wall with the TV set, I painted a dolphin and the background so that everything fits nicely. The second wall I painted is much smaller and I painted a second dolphin and a crab there.

Second of three rooms - Little Lamb mural

The second room in nursery murals london I painted Little Lambs. As with the Baby Dolphin room, I painted murals on two walls here.

Third, last room - Big Panda mural

The third room I painted is the Big Panda Mural. In this room, I painted only one, but the whole wall.

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